The Ghost on the Beach

Evening shadows lean across the shore,
Dark'ning sands that once through grasping fingers fell;
Ghastly pale the visage that seeks once more
A glimpse of her spectre on the dark swell.
Roaming the beach where her still form once lay
Alone in her tomb 'midst the cold sea spray--
Lonely but for him, still trapped by her spell.

Lost has she been, since the hurricane's gale
Enraged and ruptured the once quiet sky;
No one remembers--none but the pale
Phantasmal poet who mourns with the sigh
Of the waves that devoured her tomb by the sea;
Entombed 'neath the waters, his Annabel Lee.

© 1999 Alan Peschke

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AlanDP said...

This is an acrostic that was written for a Poe project which never came to fruition. But hey, I still got a good poem out of it. The rules were:

1. It had to be an acrostic that spelled out Edgar Allen Poe's full name.

2. It had to be like a sonnet. It couldn't be a real sonnet because his name has an odd number of letters, but otherwise similar a sonnet.

3. It had to be about, or in the spirit of, Poe.